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Lockdown Challenge 25!

On Monday 25th May we want you to get active based on the number 25.

It could be... 25 x star jumps, 25 x forward rolls, 25 x press-ups, 25 min skip, 25 sec handstand hold or even a 25 km walk/run - whatever challenges you!

Film/photograph your challenge and don't forget to share/tag us on social media!

Also, please SHARE our golden giving page with friends and family as sponsorship for your chosen activity - no matter how small (we appreciate it’s tough on everyone right now). Make sure each sponsor leaves a comment on the fundraising page stating who they are sponsoring.

The person that raises the most money will win a 1:1 trampoline session - when we are allowed back!

As lockdown continues Recoil TC needs you, our wonderful members and non-members, through this uncertain time.

Thank you, everyone!

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